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The global media and digital marketing company crafts communications strategies through digital creative execution, media planning and buying, mobile applications, SEO, content creation, brand tracking, and marketing analytics. As a global enterprise, this company needs a central ecosystem of international and local connections to ensure client satisfaction and unparalleled campaign management.


With complex and disparate systems, the media giant was pulling data from over 25 global sources, requiring time-consuming manual processes to garner intelligent insights.

Working across five continents, the media and digital marketing company processes and analyses huge volumes of data for hundreds of clients. The company gathers output from large-scale media campaigns, providing clients with global metrics and clear objectives.

The company partnered with Genisys to streamline its data and campaign management processes. Its goal was to improve reporting and forecasting accuracy, give more scope to spotting market opportunities, and improve clients’ revenue.

Application Architecture

  • From distributed local data stores
  • Global Data Aggregation
  • DMP Global Master Data Store
  • Central DMP Data Service layer
  • Consolidated to single user facing application


Genisys worked with the media and digital marketing company to find the best data management solution for its complex business model.

Genisys provided the company with a collaborative multi-region Data Management Platform (DMP), available to both internal and external users. The platform consolidated the 25+ local data sources to one single application, and supported multi-currency processing to allow smoother global operations.

The result was improved employee satisfaction and increased reporting accuracy. In turn, the company increased its client revenue and retention through more effective campaigns and better customer support.

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