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No online publisher or digital media group can succeed without the backing of a high-performance ad operations team. Campaign management and optimization is a direct revenue impacting function- there is no scope of missing any SLAs or making an error while performing such a critical task. A highly motivated and integrated ad ops team with the right technical expertise is essential for your success.

The only way the ad ops team will be impactful is if they are developed and nurtured by the right type of manager. In this article, we’ll take a look at how organizations can develop high performing ad ops teams and how they can lead them to victory.

Step1: Hiring the right people

While Technical qualifications and skills are essential for an ad ops team, a high SQ and EQ is an often-overlooked skill. Soft skills like communication, interpersonal skills, negotiation, time management, adaptability, teamwork, and so on play a crucial role in the success of the ad ops team.


Choose people who have a positive mindset can analytically solve problems and can cooperate and collaborate with internal and external teams in the workplace. You should also use techniques like STAR interview to judge how good they are at problem-solving and whether they are self-starters or followers to understand if they are perfect for this role or not.

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Step 2: Implementing the right training

The ad ops environment is very tech-intensive. So, your team will need to be on top of the recent developments to ensure that they can provide you with the best insights and ad ops support. Additionally, ad operations teams have to document any new information they unearth constantly, and it becomes imperative that new joiners are taught documentation best practices.


This is where training helps.

It’s been observed that gamifying training and development can add huge value to employees. In a 2019 Gamification at Work survey , it was found that 89% of respondents felt more productive, 88% felt happier, and 83% felt more motivated at their jobs when they received gamified training on the job.

Step 3: Proactively initiating weekly meetings

One of the key secrets to the development and nurturing of high performing ad ops teams is – communication.


Regularly communicating with teams in the form of weekly meetings, feedback sessions, and knowledge-sharing sessions is a great way to focus the team’s energies on the organization’s goals. This type of regular communication can help team members brush-up on their skills and knowledge, clarify doubts, and find solutions to individual challenges.


So, schedule a daily slot for announcements, set up weekly catchups, organize seminars and talks and recognize the efforts of team members publicly.

Step 4: Setting-up daily improvement plans & goals

Ad campaigns can be very challenging and time-consuming to run; this makes the job of an ad ops team complex. It’s easy to lose sight of the intended results while the campaign is going on. You may find that your ad ops team is slipping in certain areas while outperforming in the others.


It’s important to prevent this from happening by consciously trying to meet or even improve performance every day. One way to do this is to have a standard X% improvement day-on-day. This will tell you where you’re going wrong and what you can do to improve the quality of your campaigns as a whole.

Step 5: Automating tasks that are repetitive and manual

Studies show that 40% of employees spend a quarter of their workweek on manual and repetitive tasks. These are jobs that can be automated to save time. Spending time on repetitive tasks can not only waste your valuable resources but can also reduce employee creativity while also leading to burnout.

Automating certain sections of ad operations can reduce employee error, improve team efficiency, and increase team morale significantly. It can also improve work-life balance, as employees will now have more time for themselves than before.

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