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The company is an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices. This customer reached out to Genisys to be part of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives and pilot program.


Company has a manual process for feeding their invoices into the system. Company was looking for an automation solution in order to reduce their order management operations' cost, time and errors
  • Company receives quotes and invoices from different vendors in the form of paper-based hard copies, which are manually fed into their backend systems for purchase order creation and subsequent account payable process
  • Company wanted to have an assessment of the process in order to automate this paper-based processing and ability to enter this data into the systems without manual interventions and without any code change to existing systems
  • Company engaged Genisys to perform a feasibility study and pilot development to arrive at their RPA Strategy. And RPA pilot of the purchase order creation process and account payable business process

Key Highlights

* End to end paperless invoice process automation eliminating the hassle in dealing with paperwork

* 60% improvement in operational effectiveness

* RPA implementation offered better turn around time with regards to the task

* Elimination of repetitive, manual process enabled optimized utilization of human resources in other projects

* Easier access to search and validate their quotes and invoices


Genisys automated a paper based invoice process using Python scripting, UI path for automation and Abby Flexi capture as an OCR engine
  • Understanding of their data feed process in detail to assess RPA technique
  • RPA tool assessment in alignment to their automation needs
  • Evaluated maturity of the current process to identify the degree and suitability of RPA automation
  • Development of RPA solution for both their purchase order creation and account payable process
  • Provided RPA recommendation for the next steps
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