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The company is a distributor of car parts and accessories with over 200 locations across the UK and Ireland. This customer reached out to Genisys to automate and streamline their paper-based "proof of delivery" process.


Company has a manual process of handling the "proof of delivery" receipts signed by their end customers. These hard copy POD receipts are printed, signed by customers and stored in physical cardboard boxes for future reference.
  • Customer delivers spare parts to service center and individuals
  • Distributors hand over a paper manifest to deliver the parcels and get it signed as proof of delivery by the customer
  • These paper-based receipts are submitted back at the warehouse
  • In case of any disputes, these receipts need to be manually searched, which is time-consuming and delaying the resolution leading to customer dissatisfaction.


  • The efficiency of OCR is increased to 98% with advanced image processing algorithms implemented by Genisys
  • The scanning solution software is designed to handle large amount of data to process with low latency, high resilience
  • Genisys delivered BI capabilities to visualize proof of delivery data in various dimensions


Genisys designed and implemented a cutting edge RPA solution leveraging advanced scanner and OCR technologies.
  • Automated the proof of delivery process using OCR and custom solution
  • The solution is integrated with their back-end ERP

  • Scanned and captured the customer signature data from the paper based receipt
  • Scanned OCR image is processed using popular OCR engine developed with a wrapper API of Tesseract
  • OCR Image conversion to form based text format is done at the client side for better responsiveness.
  • Converted Text and Image information sent to the server side for further processing .
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