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Providing independent verification and validation to media and digital marketing communications company, operating in 5 continents, 145 Countries, and with 38,000 people.


A thorough IV&V plan needed to be developed to ensure the traceability of requirements at all levels. Throughout the project, our team had to accept, test, and configure the artifacts and do Validation and Verification of technical solutions. Lastly, at every phase, our team had to consider excellent security.

Upon study of requirements and reviews of IV&V reports, discussions were held to track action items. The IV&V coverage was divided into four phases mentioned below -

  • Studying the requirements and creating a plan.
  • Design phase wherein our team complied with the Design Principles.
  • Then came the development phase in which code quality was checked, code documentation was done, and unit testing began.
  • Finally, the testing phase. Traceability, functional correctness, acceptance were critical parts of this phase.


  • A Data Management Platform was created as the base for applications like market demand forecasting; Media Spend scenario planner, global planning, cross channel reporting, and more.
  • A core component of business intelligence, the data warehouse was created to deliver critical analysis and client reports.
  • The work by our team enabled flexible reporting for the company, and as a result, deeper insights could be gained into key aspects.
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