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Next-generation solutions for accelerated innovation.

Today, technology is the backbone of the travel industry. It allows travel operators and business to offer innovative and personalized experiences. Central to these customer experiences is historical, behavioral and situational data; real-time, informative recommendations that help travelers access the right information at the right time.

Genisys offers the travel industry:

  • An enhanced and personalized customer experience
  • Historical, behavioral and situational traveler data in real-time to develop engaging, informative recommendations
  • Solutions that help travelers access the right information at the right time
  • Advanced operational efficiency
  • Maximum ROI

We design mobility, cloud services and analytics tools for the multiple sub-segments in the travel market — air, hotel, cruise, car rentals, travel agencies, visa, and insurance. Our solutions for the travel industry improve customer experience, acquisition and retention, and boost our travel customers’ revenue.

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“Being economic and efficient, every pound that we are saved because our IT is cheaper to maintain and uses less power can be poured back into improving the London Underground.”

Adrian Davey
Head of IT, Tube Lines
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