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Automation, data driven intelligence and agile support techniques are changing the way you maintain your business applications.

Genisys AMS (Application Maintenance and Support) offerings to customers is resulting in year on year committed cost savings, high availability of business applications and improved productivity gain through proactive and preventive maintenance of applications using our Lean AMS framework.

Our AMS framework comprises of smart resolution automation, process optimization and leveraging of support knowledge base intelligently.

Genisys ensures your teams can mobilize, connect and collaborate efficiently, unburdening you to focus on the future. Genisys initiates support transition with client SME’s and uses Genisys-RSAFTM (Genisys – Rapid Support Assessment Framework) to assess the existing support landscape to assess the right support execution model.

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Key Highlights:

  • Genisys has adopted an agile support execution model – Kanban for support & Lean Scrum methodology for enhancements
  • Leverage lean AMS process – ETVX (Entry, Task, Verification, Exit) framework for the Lean, Effective and Collaborative AMS
  • Genisys uses it’s an indigenous developed Rapid Support Assessment and Automation Framework to evaluate the existing support landscape to streamline and automate steady state support execution model.
    • Measures the Code Quality, Process Maturity, KPIs, Metrics, RCAs and many other factors to arrive at RSAFTM scorecard
    • Suggest improvement plans based on scorecard
  • Reduction in operational cost, enhanced quality and faster release cycle
Our Success Stories

Reduced support cost and improved services for a leading entertainment and hospitality service provider

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