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Transforming QA services using AI led Test Automation

Transforming QA services using AI led Test Automation

While DevOps and agile have become an integral part of software development projects, there is need to improvise the process further. Agile and DevOps have got a good process but along with that there is a great deal of ciaos as it’s by product. Genisys along with Advance as our esteemed partners offer AI driven test automation framework that takes care of regression, functional, performance and security test automation under one umbrella. It can create thousands of test cases in a couple of minutes.

BI/DW Automation framework

BI/DW Automation framework

In the complex ecosystem where most of the layers are tested using automation scripts database testing, ETL testing and BI testing still remain a challenge. Since this part of the testing is not automated often, seamless testing experience is missing. Genisys along with RTTS offers BI/DW automation framework for seamless BI, Data and ETL testing which can give a seamless experience of cohesive automation testing cycle.

Genisys automation framework with Self-healing

Genisys automation framework with Self-healing

Genisys automation framework is a plug and play framework which has a capability to work on multiple platforms and with multiple technologies. One of the many interesting features of this framework is the self-healing capability because of which a broken test cases is repaired on its own without any manual intervention or analysis.

Quality Solutions Landscape

Testing the continuous way – Genisys testing services has been democratizing the testing process to build better and faster applications with Agile, Scrum and DevOps everyone is focused on delivering business value faster. To adapt to this change, Genisys’s wide range of modern QA frameworks have a seamless solution that supports integrated people, testing processes and tools for continuous software delivery with Artificial Intelligence and

CORE Testing

  • Agile Testing
  • DevOps Testing
  • QA Modernization
  • QA Consulting & QA Strategy
  • Performance Testing
  • Testing Centre of Excellence
  • Regression Testing
  • Functional Testing

Digital Assurance

  • Testing on cloud
  • Mobility Testing
  • Test Data Management
  • Testing the Digital Value Chain
  • Testing of connected devices

COTS Testing

  • Workday
  • SAP

Specialized Testing

  • QA with Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Big Data / Analytics Testing
  • Data Migration Testing


  • Application Security Testing
  • Cloud Security Testing
  • Mobile Security Testing

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    Key Highlights

    15 years of extensive testing experience with 300 testers working across Geos.

    Self heal framework enables early and quick testing to support emerging digital testing requirements.

    BDD ensures requirement to deployment traceability.

    DevOps adoption with plug and play for open source as well as propriety solutions and frameworks.

    Test Factory offering to get test cases automated in bulk.

    Consulting and strategy services to help customers streamline the testing best practices.

    Frequently Asked Question
    We can perform POCs for your requirements. We can also showcase already existing solution demos to get an idea of the offering before deciding upon the need for POC.
    It depends on the duration and expectation out of the POC, we perform both free and paid POCs. The Scope of POC and mode of POC can be agreed upon.
    Self-healing works on AI based technologies. This a great value add for application that are undergoing frequent changes and need heavy analysis time. The Best way to shift left your testing.
    Roadmap is decided based on the discovery / assessment done by Genisys. The assessment can be done at a project level OR at org level. This is based on the focus area for a customer. Usually it is a phased approach from one application to many.
    Assessment report will have component like current state of the project, percentage automation used, tools used and their effectiveness, current KPIs and desired KPIs, pain points, process gaps etc.
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    Testing Legacy applications with Genisys QA best practices

    Test Automation Case Study for Media Giant

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