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Testing the continuous way - Genisys testing services has been democratizing the testing process to build better and faster applications

With Agile, Scrum and DevOps everyone is focused on delivering business value faster. To adapt to this change, Genisys’s continuous testing framework has seamlessly integrated people, testing processes and tools for continuous software delivery. Our spectrum of test services aims to deliver software quality @ speed that includes:

  • QA Strategy and assessment
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Engineering – Testing, Analysis & Tuning
  • Big Data testing

Our testing services are augmented by our proven Testing Methodology, reusable testing assets, and robust test frameworks.

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Key Highlights :

  • Our testing process enables organizations to build better and faster applications
  • Our GenieTestTM framework addresses the missing link in the continuous delivery process
  • Leveraging a suite of open source and SAAS tools addressing continuous testing
  • Enabling continuous deployment and continuous delivery on multi-channel platforms
Our Success Stories

Continuous testing and delivery for a media monitoring company

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